We run a child sponsorship scheme at the Peace Garden School

If you would like to sponsor a child please note the following

  1. We have stipulated that the child must not have links to the Head Master of the Peace Garden School or any of the school staff, so that the process is fair, independent and the place goes to a child who really needs it. The child will not be able to access education without the sponsorship.
  2. The Head Master, Arjun, has agreed to send regular information about the sponsored children and how they are progressing; ie reports etc. 
  3. We would expect a sponsor to commit to helping to pay the costs for the whole time the child is in full time education at the Peace Garden School
    • There are 160 Nepalese Rupees to one pound at present (March 2023) which means that a 3/4 year old child starting the pre-primary costs a total of about  £145 per year. (about £12 a month). This fee includes books, uniform and tiffin (school lunch).
    • If the child is bright, he or she may get through to the age of 14 or 15; so it could be a twelve year commitment (probably just over £3100 over the  10 years; allowing for inflation and greater costs as the child grows.)


ages 15-17

Lower Secondary

ages 12-14


ages 6-11/12

Cost of educating a child at the PGS

(Updated March 2022)

Interested in supporting a child?

Contact Charlotte Kidd

(Trustee; sponsorship secretary);


Annual Fee    NRs.36000

Exam fee      NRs.5600

Uniform       NRs.4350

Books         NRs.4115

Total         NRs.50065 (£312)

Annual Fee    NRs.26798

Exam fee      NRs.2800

Uniform       NRs.4133

Books         NRs.3216

Total         NRs.36947 (£231)



ages 3-5

Annual Fee    NRs.20040

Exam fee      NRs.2600

Uniform       NRs.3020

Books         NRs.3000

Total         NRs.28660 (£179)

Annual Fee    NRs.15150

Exam fee      NRs.1600

Uniform       NRs.2500

Books         NRs.1500

Total         NRs.20750 (£130)

Total inc tiffin (£145)

This little boy, Ranan, aged 4, is being sponsored and this is his first day at the Peace Garden School; first day tears!

(Parents buy uniform that is big enough to grow in to as it costs too much otherwise!)

Sponsored Children

Here are three other examples of children that are being sponsored

Karma Lama is joining the Peace Garden School this April thanks to the generosity of a sponsor. He is 3 years old and comes from the brick factory area of Bungamati. Children in this area rarely go to school and start working in dreadful conditions in the brick factory as soon as they are old enough to do manual work.

Rinisha Shrestha is joing the Pre-primary section of the Peace Garden School in April 22. She is three years old and comes from the local village of Khokana which was very badly damaged by the earthquakes in 2015. They have only just fisnished most of the reconstruction of the damaged / detroyed housing

Sujan Majhi is 8 years old and comes from the leprosy colony, 30 minutes walk from the school. He is being brought up in the leprosy colony by his extended family. His father suffers from mental problems and cannot look after him; his mother ran away and remarried. He started school in April 22 and has a great deal of catching up to do.

How we try to ensure there is no jealousy within the communities where the sponsored children come from.

You may be aware that sponsoring some children and not others can cause a great deal of jealousy and bad feeling in the local communities that the children come from. The sponsored children at the Peace Garden School mainly come from two very poor communities - a local brick factory and a leprosy colony.

Each year we tell the Headmaster of the Peace Garden School, Arjun, how many sponsorships we will provide. Arjun then organises a system for selection of these children; he asks the local communities themselves to select children for the sponsorships. A meeting is convened and the families themselves discuss who will receive sponsorship and this discussion is under the supervision of a person from the community (social worker). Arjun also takes part in the decision making and RNVNepal is willing to slightly adjust the number of sponsorships according to the recognised needs and numbers of children eligible. Arjun tells me there has been no ill feeling as a result.

Interested in sponsoring a child or have any questions?

Email: kdbrook@aol.com

Mob: 078176567126