We have made links with several charities and organisations in Nepal and they are listed below. You can see more about the work they do by clicking on the links to their own websites

Over the past 20 years of traveling to Nepal we have been made to feel very welcome by two Christian Nepalese brothers; Milan and Ashok Adhikari. They have been a wonderful help in all our trips and they give themselves seflessly to the work of God in Nepal.

Milan (right) is married to Shusma and they have set up a charity centre based around Milan's church called the Aanandit Church in Kathmandu.

Ashok (left) is a Pastor and Evangelist and is also a director of the Leprosy Mission International Nepal based at Anandaban hospital 

Aanandit Charity Centre

This is a Nepalese government registered charity working among underprivileged children since 2008 through its various projects in Nepal. In the same year on a visit to Nepal a group of students from Birkdale School in Sheffield visited the leprosy colony near Khokana village. In the colony were 10 girls being looked after by members of the colony. However their future was in doubt so we decided to move them from the colony and asked Milan if he knew somewhere that would take them in. Milan and Sushma decided they would start a new orphanage centre and took the girls into the centre. We have been paying for the education and living expenses for these children. The photos show how they have grown.

Left; Keith with the children in the leprosy colony 2008

Above right; Shusma Adhikari

On the right; the children in the orphanage today.

Of the 10 orginal girls two have gone to live with relatives. Mikmayar,(the taller girl on the left at the back of both pictures) is now married and works in the charity centre looking after the newer orphans. Mikmayar lost her arm and an ear in a house fire set by a drunken step father. She ran away from home and was found begging on the streets of Kathmandu by Ashok in 2008 

Milan and Shusma have expanded the charitable work and now run the Aanadit Charitaby centre - - you can find out more about the amazing work they do by clicking on this link;

Aanandit Charity Centre – Build the children, Build the community (accnepal.org)

Anandaban Leprosy Mission Hospital

When we travel to Nepal we nearly always visit this wonderful hospital nestled in the mountains on the edge of the Kathmandu plateau. Ashok who is a director of TLM international usualy shows us round and  it is awlays a very moving experience.

You can find out more about the work this hospital does by clicking on this link

The Leprosy Mission Nepal | Leprosy defeated, Lives transformed (tlmnepal.org)