Making a real difference

Welcome to RNV Nepal

A UK based Charity set up to help some of the disadvantaged people of Nepal mainly through promoting education in the Khokana district.  Registered Charity Number 1197238

Landlocked between two of Asia’s growing giants, India and China, Nepal features vast, mountainous landscapes and people from diverse ethnic cultures. However, the nation remains one of the most disadvantaged countries in the world.

There is not enough food for daily meals


in 1 of every 5 households (2020).

People are in poverty,


with 1 in 4 below the poverty line (2011).

Education in Nepal is vital


The country has a 68% literacy rate (2018).


Nepal is a beautiful country trapped between the tropical plains of Northern India and the icy desert land of Tibet. In spite of its natural beauty however, the country remains one of the poorest in the world. Nepal's economy is largely based upon agriculture and tourism with 90% of its 20 million population engaged in subsistence farming. Sadly, the country's national average annual income is below £130 with many (65% of the population) existing on less than £50 per month.


With such a background the government of Nepal struggles to provide even a basic education system for their children. 60% of the population is illiterate and there is a critical shortage of school teachers. Only half of the existing teachers actually have a formal training. Many parents choose not to educate their children because of the cost of tuition fees, uniforms and books. Instead these children often remain at home helping with washing, cooking or caring for their siblings. As a consequence they remain trapped in poverty.

Since 2000, we have helped some of Nepal’s poorest children in the Kathmandu Valley. We have raised funds for deprived and needy children living in environments and conditions that dictate that education has either ceased to be available, or is simply not an option. We endeavor to change the life and future opportunities for some of these children.

Most years groups from the UK visit the community of Kokhana, a village in the Kathmandu Valley. There the group spend time teaching in one of three schools; it has proved to be a life-changing experience for many of them. Through our fundraising activities the village now has a thriving and successful school called the Peace Garden English School with nearly 300 pupils.


We are very grateful to you and your church family who supported our ministry work. Its a pleasure to share that the money we raised by selling the product made by leprosy affected people has been utilized to construct a "Training Hall" in the roof of our house. This room will be used to provide various income generating training's to the needy people(Specially Leprosy affected people).

Bikash Pariyar, Former pupil of the Peace Garden School and brought up in the leprosy colony near Kokhana

’We now have children who are teaching their parents simple things from cleanliness right up to how to do computer work. Parents come to school and see toilets and washing hands places and want them for themselves. The building of the school has helped the local tradesmen and labourers to prosper too. Even the tailor who makes the school uniform is happy’

Arjun, Headmaster at the Peace Garden English School