RNV Nepal would like to thank 'Finixio' for their very generous donation. This will help to provide the children of the Kokhana area with an even better education.

(August 2023)

For more information about our generous supporters see - https://finixio.com

September 23 Update

This year, 2023, our trip to Nepal was exceptionally successful, with 16 dedicated adults engaging in medical work within the schools. Through our efforts, we examined nearly 500 children from two schools and identified 52 in need of various treatments, primarily related to dental and eyesight issues. Thanks to the support of our charity, we were able to send these 52 children to local dentists and opticians for necessary fillings and new glasses.

In one particular instance, we encountered a young girl named Kritika at the Noble School. She had experienced a rapid decline in her hearing, which had led to depression and a decline in her school performance. We immediately arranged for Kritika to undergo a comprehensive hospital examination, including a CT scan, which thankfully revealed no sinister underlying causes. Subsequently, we provided her with hearing aids to improve her quality of life. See the letter she wrote to us.

During the trip, Rob Keen discovered a severely deteriorated roof at the Noble School. In response, we promptly funded the replacement of the roof, and I'm delighted to report that this task has recently been completed.

Looking ahead, we have identified a pressing need at the Peace Garden School; after the earthquake in 2015, we constructed several "temporary" classrooms, which are still in use and now require replacement. To address this, we have committed to assisting in paying for the construction of a two-story classroom block and are in the process of raising funds for this vital project.

Regrettably, we had to cancel the Nepal Reunion scheduled for April 29th this year. However, we have exciting plans in motion to celebrate our 25-year association with Nepal in 2025. Please keep an eye out for forthcoming details about this special event.

Currently, we are planning another adult trip to Nepal in the autumn of 2025. If you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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